Library help

Bots section

Bots section in Library stores different templates of most common scenarios which can be downloaded to My Bots and then activated with its flows as it is or edited on your needs.

The template can be easily downloaded by click on Download button as many times as you need, or be previewed first on the Bot thumbnail click. Once bot template opened for overview, additional details, like bot description, flows the bot contains, etc., can provide you with more details.

Bot templates can be uploaded to Library only by internal OneReach team.


Flows section

Flows section contains flow templates which can be downloaded to My Bots section and then activated or edited before. Click on Download button and choose the bot you want to download the flow to. The flow can be downloaded to the same bot as many times as you need, as well as downloaded to multiple bots at once.

To easy navigate to just downloaded flow, follow the link in green overlay on top of the page shown after successful flow downloading.


Steps section

All steps templates available for bot building are stored in Steps section. Unlike from bot and flow templates downloading, a step can be downloaded only once per flow. Flows which already have the step in its Steps section will be hidden in the list. To easy download a step to all bot’s flows, just select the bot and all flows will be selected automatically.

Download to selected flows button will be disabled until at least one flow is selected.

The step can be downloaded to a flow again after it’s been removed from the flow’s Steps library.

If a version of step template has been upgraded in Library, there is no need to go to Library to apply updates to your steps but update step templates directly from the flow.


Cards section

Cards section contains Cards templates which can be downloaded to the view linked to the bot or flow or any custom view. Any card can be downloaded as many times as you need. The list of sources to download to contains all existing views including custom and linked to bot or flow. After the card is downloaded to the view linked with bot or flow, it will appear in Cards section of appropriate bot or flow.