Library Steps

Sample Steps

The following is a a partial list of steps that are included in the Communication Studio Library, organized by channel. These steps can be added to any flow or bot as needed. When you download bot or flow templates from the library the necessary steps are already included.

SMS Steps:

  • Request text input
  • Send message
  • Wait for message

Phone steps:

  • Hang up call
  • Pick up call
  • Process global voice/keypad command
  • Request keypad input
  • Request voice/keypad choice
  • Say message
  • Transfer call
  • Wait for call (Phone)
  • Wait for call (SIP)

Logical steps

  • Check condition
  • Execute JavaScript code
  • Go to a step in current flow
  • Make API request
  • Query Custom Data

Trigger steps

  • Fetch result from flow
  • Return error to flow
  • Return result to flow
  • Trigger a flow and proceed
  • Wait for trigger from other flow


HTTP Steps

  • Send response (HTTP)
  • Wait for request (HTTP)