Live Agent

The Live Agent solution was created in OneReach’s Action Desk product. The Action Desk product allows for creating web applications which can take the form of anything from a reporting dashboard to a complete web and mobile application. Live Agent was built using Action Desk views and cards. The following is an overview of the Live Agent solution.

User types and Groups

Users – A common configuration allows for 3 types of users: Communication Studio Administrator, Live Agent Administrator and Agent.

Groups – A group can be populated with Agents and created to manage communications. For example, you can create a group for sales or support.

Agent View

The Agent view is made up of Cards. This view allows an Agent to receive, view and respond to customer text and web chat messages. The following is the view an Agent will see when they log into the Live Agent tool.


Each card can be moved into different positions, allowing the user to customize their viewing experience by clicking the Capture button in the top right corner of the card. Then the user can click Capture a move the card freely around the screen. Re-click Capture when the card is in the desired position.

Each card can also be collapsed or expanded. To collapse a card, click Capture. To expand a card, click Capture.

Agent Status – In the upper right-hand side of the UI the Agent can click the star icon and select from the following availability options:


If there are no Agents available an “Away Message” will/can be sent to the texter.

Activity List – This is the list of all text message conversations with customers related to the Agent’s group settings. Each item in this list represents a single conversation with a customer. The list can be filtered and sorted using the “filter” feature accessed via the pancake menu above the list.


The following dialog appears:


This dialog allows an Agent to sort or filter a list based on the options selected. The following options are available:

  • Sort – By start date, end date, modified date, latest visitor event
  • Search – By conversation content
  • Status – Active, Ended
  • Filter By – Group, Identifiers, participants (agents or contacts)
  • Filter By – Date event (start date, end date, modified date, latest visitor event

These options are available to save as default options.

Text Conversation – This card shows the current Text conversation that was selected from the Activity List. In this card, an Agent can view and respond to a customer’s text or web chat message. This card allows an Agent to send an ad hoc or canned message. This also allows an Agent to send an MMS (image file) to a customer. Although this card only shows the current conversation by default, the Agent can click the “More” button to view previous conversations with that customer. A conversation between an Agent and a customer will end after either 48 hours of inactivity or if an Agent chooses the “End Session” option in the menu.


A new conversation can be initiated by either the customer when they text in or by the Agent if they choose to send an outbound message to a customer. The Agent can send a message by either choosing “Start a new conversation” on an existing conversation thread or choosing the speech bubble icon in the upper right corner of the page. Regardless of which option is chosen the following screen will appear, which allows the Agent to send a message to a customer:


If this screen is activated from the current conversation the To field will be populated with the number from that conversation. If this screen is accessed from the speech bubble icon, then the Agent can either enter a phone number or choose an existing contact by clicking the contact icon in the upper right corner of the dialog. The Agent will choose the From number and enter an ad hoc message or choose a canned message using the speech bubble with the ellipses below the Send Message Label. Once the message has been entered, the Agent can click the arrow icon to send the message and start the new conversation.

Contact Information Card

The contact information card will display the contact data associated with the current conversation that is selected. This information can be edited if needed.

Notification Settings Card

The notification settings card is used to adjust what happens when a new text is sent to a Agent. When a new text message is sent to the Live Agent a popup notification is sent and alert sound is made. The behavior of these notifications can be set using this card. (Note: notifications are based on browser support. Chrome is recommended for the best experience.)


Canned Messages

Canned messages are used to reduce the amount of manual typing required by Agents. This card allows the admin to create predefined messages that can be used when sending a message in the Text Conversation card.


In this card an administrator can create, edit, and delete a new canned response.  Canned messages have a name and content, and can include merge fields which auto-populate messages with dynamic content such as customer name or agent name. Canned messages can be associated with a keyboard shortcut for quick access.

To access these responses, click on preferences, check to box of each canned response, and click done. This allows Agent and Admin users to customize the responses they see and can choose responses they commonly use and deselect responses never used.